Caring & Storing

Since cosmetics or other chemicals as well as sweat can affect the surface of your jewellery, it should always be the last thing you put on while dressing up and the first thing you take off after. Otherwise the color intensity of your gold plated products will get less very quickly and the tarnishing of your jewels will speed up. This is why you should remember to take off your jewellery while cleaning, working out, showering, bathing or swimming.

To minimize the oxidation speed of your jewels keep them in a moisture-free, cool place with no direct sunlight. The perfect spot might be a jewellery box or the Frellini pouch. To avoid scratches while traveling store your jewels separately. Tissue paper can be very helpful solution.


You can clean your jewellery by yourself very easily. Use a mild soap and warm water to scrub your products lightly with a soft toothbrush. Afterwards, rinse with water and air dry on a tissue. To remove oxidation spots you can clean your jewellery with a cleaning cloth for products made out of silver by polishing the pieces very gently. Please do not do that on your gemstones and fresgwater pearls since their surfaces are very vulnerable.

These tips will help you to store and clean your jewellery in the best way to make it stay looking shiny and beautiful for a long time. However, please notice that silver naturally oxidizes in time and a gold platation will never stay forever. How long your jewellery looks the way it was depends on the jewellery care but also the acidity of your skin or the ingredients of your cosmetics can be a factor. If you have any other questions about how to take care of your jewels, please contact us via mail ( ) and we are happy to help you.


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